Registered Charity Number: 1099006

Our History

Although Beyond the Streets is a new name, our organisation has been working with people involved in prostitution for 15 years and benefits from the guidance of a management team with over 80 years of combined experience in this work.

Our roots go back to 1995 when a small number of grassroots projects met up to share ideas on how best to enable people to exit prostitution. The lack of services providing holistic, specialist support to those experiencing sexual exploitation was quickly recognised so we decided to work together to address this need.

Since our beginnings the number of projects involved has increased remarkably and we now work in partnership with 50 projects across the UK directly addressing the needs of those in prostitution. As a result, the opportunities for people in the UK to leave prostitution or make significant lifestyle changes have increased considerably.

Over the years we have seen that successful exiting occurs when a person is respected as an individual, invited to participate in identifying their own needs and empowered to devise strategies to address these.

So whilst we continue to support and invest in projects we are increasingly working to develop creative platforms through which those whose lives are affected by prostitution can raise awareness of the real issues they face. We want to ensure that effective exiting strategies are informed by those who have successfully exited.

In 2008 we changed our name from the "National Christian Alliance on Prostitution" or NCAP for short to Beyond the Streets to convey more clearly our belief in the possibility of life beyond prostitution.