Registered Charity Number: 1099006

Our History

We began in 1995, with a small number of grassroots projects becoming increasingly aware of the urgent need for holistic, specialist support for those experiencing sexual exploitation.

Over the years we have increased our knowledge, experience and expertise in the area. We have seen that in order to sustainably exit prostitution, people need to be respected and empowered to identify their own needs and devise their own exit strategies. We have found that partnering and journeying with people is the most effective approach (rather that treating people as passive victims) and this is the practice model we use today.

In 2008 we changed our name from the ‘National Christian Alliance on Prostitution’ (NCAP) to ‘Beyond the Streets’ to convey more clearly our belief in the possibility of life beyond prostitution. Through changing the charity name, it has been possible to communicate afresh the values, hopes and direction to which we are committed. Our Christian values determine how we treat others: with respect, dignity, love and a non-judgemental attitude. As a charity we are seeking to enable those exploited by prostitution to find routes out and look to work with those of all faiths or none to achieve this.